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The Banana Republic of Corporal Monkey

The Musings of Grayson Greystoke

Corporal Monkey leads the Babe-oon Platoon and can be found at G.I. Gorilla Headquarters. He is also the supplier of badges to the SV Gang (laceymcbain, privatetentacle, blandine, obscuranb, and nualanightbloom), and a good friend to them all.

The Corporal is the CEO of CIEPAG and rules over his DIVAS with a gentle but firm hand. The Corporal has been described as high-maintenance, which is why the DIVAS are kept busy catering to his every whim.

The Corporal is also a founding member of THE LOOP. If you are asking "What is The Loop?" It means you aren't in it. So there.

Between Babe-oon Platoon, SV GANG, CIEPEG & THE LOOP no wonder he feels he has no time for anything.